Automobile Body Processing


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Table of Contents

Automobile Body Processing

Automobile Bodies

Space Frame vs Monocoque

Torsional Rigidity

Body Shell Requirements

Autobody Materials

Sheet Materials and Formability

Why Cold Rolled Steel?

Mechanical Properties of Steel

PPT Slide

Interstitial Atmospheres

Interstitial Atmospheres

Luders Bands

Luders Bands (cont.)

Luders Bands in Pressed Steel

Prevention of Luders Bands

Bake Hardening Steels

Continuous Casting

Strengthening of Killed Steels

Precoated Steel

Hot Dip Galvanised Steel

Galvanising Line

Zinc Pot Detail

Hot Dip Galvanised Steel


Iron-zinc Alloy Coating

Iron-Zinc alloys

Electrogalvanised zinc

Zinc and Corrosion Resistance

Other zinc-based coatings

Steels for Autobody Panels: Nissan UK

Coated Steels used in the UK Automotive Industry

Changes in Steel Use: Rover 600

High Strength Low Alloy Steels (HSLA)

Dual Phase Low Alloy (DPLA) Steels

Aluminium Alloys

Aluminium Alloy Luders Bands

Aluminium Alloys

Polymer Composites

Press Sequence: Car door

Author: Steve Bull


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