Example 6

1.1. Materials Aims

The aims of activities designed in the webpage are:

         Help learners practice some reading skills such as skimming, scanning and using contextual clues.

         Work on different reading forms and articles such as stories and newspaper articles.

         Give learners a chance to practice extensive and intensive reading electronically.

         Provide an electronic test environment for learners to test their ability in doing reading exercises.

         Increase learnersí awareness of how to apply technology, mainly computers, to improve their reading skills.

         Help learners work with vocabulary and learn the techniques of recalling words.

         Improve reading skill autonomously, outside classroom.

         Provide the privacy and comfortable atmosphere to practice reading skills.

1.2. †Target group

The learners whom these computer-based materials are presented to are about 18-20 years old. They have 12 years of EFL (English as foreign Language). As a result, they are regarded as intermediate or upper-intermediate learners since they have sufficient English language knowledge.