Part 1.Understanding the structure
Part 2. General and specific information
Part 3. Reading tips to succeed at the test
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How will this site help you succeed?

This web site is created for learners of English who are getting ready to take National Test of English (Belarus) and wish to improve their reading skills and target reading comprehension tasks of the test. It will also be very helpful for those who want to take their reading skills to a higher level and deepen their understanding of the texts.

Here we are going to learn how to interpret what is said in the text, how to understand author's opinion and answer different types of question that require a more complex approach to the interpretation of meaning and sometimes even reading between the lines.

Here you will find detailed explanations and exercises to practice skills necessary to face challenges of the test.

How to get started

First of all, read the detailed explanations of reading techniques and tips that will help you gain necessary knowledge and approach the task with more confidence.

Once you are familiar with concepts and theory, you can start doing the exercises.

Once you have completed all the exercise, you are ready to try out a practice reading test.

Start learning now