EXERCISE 5Focus on details: inferring meaning of unfamiliar words

Read the text and fill in the blanks by choosing an appropriate word.

READ THE TEXTWhat is apartheid?

It was the policy of keeping Africans _____1_____, and separate from Europeans.

They were to be kept separate by not being ____2____ to live as citizens with rights in ____3____ towns. They ____4____ go to European towns to _____5_____, but they may not have had their families _____6_____; they had to live in "Bantustans", the ____7____ areas. They were _____8____ to _____9____ with Europeans by sitting in ____10____ cafes, waiting rooms, compartments of trains, seats in the parks

Adapted from Grellet, F. (1981) Developing Reading Skills. New York: Cambridge University Press.