• Reading Mazes

A Reading Maze produced for an assignment by an MA student in the early 90s
(originally written for a hypertext program called "Guide". This version written using "Quandary")

"Survival" - How to Survive the First Year by Nick Broome

Abstract: This is an assignment for the CALL module in which a reading maze intended for use by teacher trainees, showing a typical classroom management problem, and giving insight into the power structure of a school, was created. It was programmed in Guide 3.1. The software, the discussion , and a flow-chart of the maze are presented.

As a reading maze, it can be used by the single learner working alone. A small group of students could also use the maze, discussing the choices. In a session following use of the maze, whole-class discussion would be natural. The program thus has four aims 1)reading practice 2) evoking small -group talk 3) evoking class discussion. 4) training prospective teachers in managing their classrooms and their position in a school.

The level of English used in the maze, as suitable for teacher-trainees, is authentic, that is, not deliberately restricted.

Reading mazes produced by MA students in the late 90s, mainly to practice linking web pages
(Note that these were just classroom exercises and so are neither polished nor carefully edited)

A reading maze produced by language students in the late 90s, for practice in discussion, writing and reading.
(This, too, was just a classroom exercise and is presented in its original, unedited, state)

Reading mazes produced in 2000 by teachers on an in-service training course, for use with their language learners
(These, again, are the result of workshop activities on a training course, and are in their original, unedited, state).