Welcome to nu-food Online Shopping System

Thank you for your participation to this research. With your answers we are trying to understand what drives consumer choices, and how these factors determine what consumers buy during a grocery shopping trip. All the information you give us will be completely confidential: we will give you an anonymous ID code, and no one (including the investigator) will know the information in the data belongs to you. The data will be subject to statistical analysis and will be stored indefinitely in a safe repository inaccessible to anyone outside the research team.

In this research, you will be assigned a virtual weekly budget of £25 to spend on grocery shopping online. You can spend as much of this in our virtual shop as you wish. It is important that you make choices as you would in any shopping trip you make. At the end of the two weeks, we will select randomly one of your two baskets: you will actually receive the goods you ordered and placed in this basket, and receive in cash the balance of the £25 not spent in the chosen week. Please notice that while we source our products from Tesco stores, Tesco has no involvement in this research

In addition, every participant will receive £5 as recognition of the time spent in taking part in this research. This money, which is guaranteed to you, is independent on what you purchase or the answers you give. You will receive the £5 when you collect your basket.

After completion of the experiment, you will also be able to withdraw within six weeks of your last visit by contacting Dr Luca Panzone, School of Agricultural, Food and Rural Development, Newcastle University, phone: 0191 2083594, e-mail: l.a.panzone@newcastle.ac.uk and quoting your ID code.