All papers on extended electrons and the outline of a new theory of microdynamics have now been published. Here is the list of publications:

Unconventional Approach to Orbital-Free Density Functional Theory Derived from a Model of Extended Electrons, Foundations of Physics 411, 754-791 (2011)

Heisenberg, uncertainty, and the scanning tunneling microscope, Frontiers of Physics 7, 218-222 (2012)

Solving the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen puzzle: the origin of non-locality in Aspect-type experiments, Frontiers of Physics 7, 504-508 (2012)

Elements of Physics for the 21st century, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 504, 012014(2014)

The presentation at the conference Emergent Quantum Mechanics 2013 in Vienna in pdf format is here

Spin in the extended electron model, Frontiers of Physics 12, 128503 (2017)

A two-density approach to a general many-body problem and a proof of principle for small atoms and molecules, Frontiers of Physics 14, 23604 (2019)

Three talks, presented in 2017, one an IOP open lecture in Lincoln, a plenary talk at the conference on nanodevices in Beijing, a talk at the NanoChina conference in Beijing and a clip of a recent talk in Newcastle can be found at the website. In addition, I have written a short non-technical paper, which contains an analysis of the EPR experiments, wavefunctions, spins, and Bohm's theory, and comes to the conclusion that quantum mechanics and probably most of modern theoretical physics is not science, but creationism. This paper can be found at the arXiv.

Is quantum mechanics creationism, and not science?