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Studio Kura is an independent artist-led residency programme initiated by Hirofumi Matsuzaki to bring a range of contemporary practice to rural Itoshima on Japan's southern island Kyushu. It takes its name from the two traditional rice grain silos (kura) that provide project and exhibition spaces.


kura door

During the residency a series of assemblages were developed in direct response to the interior space of the kura. These were made only from photographs of the immediate vicinity, and material found there. Fifteen assemblages were installed around the space of the kura interior - on various levels, in semi-hidden spaces and incorporating some of the kura's utilitarian workbenches and tables. This installation formed the exhibition, For the Silo.


work in progress


found object studies

kura 1kura 4kura 3

photo-montage with found material
each 5 x 10 cm

       Kura Holdcontaincradle

found material & photograph
various sizes





small kura






boxed tacked spooned unmonumental unmonumental