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Stephenson Building, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle NE1 7RU.

Accounting / ENG201 Introduction to Management

Accounting Profession links
Accounting and Finance Information Sources
Accounting Standards
Library of Company Reports
Institute of Management (http://www.inst-mgt.org.uk/institute/contents.html)
Financial Times including annual reports service, from which you can order company reports
Business Information Sources on the Internet
Activity Based Costing (http://www.unis4ne.ac.uk/inform/external.htm?http://www1.pitt.edu/~roztocki/abc/abc.htm)
ABC - Costing Organisation Activities (http://www.unis4ne.ac.uk/inform/external.htm?http://www1.pitt.edu/~roztocki/abc/abc.htm)
London Stock Exchange
London Metal Exchange
Alternative Investment Market
FTSE International
Company Data
    Hemington Scott Publishing, a wide variety of market information on companies
    Market Eye good company information and charting
Personal Finance - find the best deals on financial products
    Yahoo Finance
    Electronic Share Information
UK Government Euro Information (http://www.unis4ne.ac.uk/inform/external.htm?http://www.euro.gov.uk/)

Computing / Programming Resources
Microsoft / PCs
Self-Study Zone
Web Development

Borland Inprise Corporation
FoxPro Resources
Microsoft Access Forum
Oracle Home Page,Ingess (Computer Associates)

Computer Science Web Journals
Index of computing standards
Computer-related help links
Joint Academic Network (JANET)
Joint Information Systems Committee
Introduction to TCP/IP
The Programmer's Vault
WWW Computing Links

Chris's programming page that covers links to free operating systems and compilers and provides lots of examples that will help you learn C and linking it with Pascal
Awk:        Awk Tutorial, The GNU Awk Users' Guide
Basic:       Microsoft Visual Basic Home Page,  The Visual Basic Zone, Visual Basic Manual
C/C++:    JCCL Visual C++, Association of C & C++ Users, C Links, Development of C Language,
            C/C++ Programmers' Resources, The C Shell
GNU:      GNU Home Page
Java:         The Java Centre, Java Resources, Java Links, Nigel's Java Page, JavaSoft Home Page
Make:       Make Manual
Pascal:      Pascal Programmer's Reference Manual, Free Pascal, Free Pascal Manual,
            GNU Pascal Manual
Perl:          Perl Documentation, Perl Archive, Perl Tutorial, Perl Reference, Free Perl
Simula:      Simula, Montreal Simula Site, Simula Archive, Prof Graham Birtwistle
Smalltalk:  Smalltalk Archive, Smalltalk.org, Smalltalk for Linux, Smalltalk Industry Council
Tk/Tcl:      Tk/Tcl Programming

Microsoft / PCs
Windows Drivers, Windrivers.com, Driver Zone, Driver HQ, Mister Driver
McAfee Security Software
Microsoft Developers' Network, MSDN on-line library
Shareware / Freeware
Windows 95/98 Shareware, ZD Net Shareware, The Freeware Network
Free Compilers
GNU Home Page
Mathtools.net - scientific / engineering computing resources Excel, Matlab, C++, Java etc.
The Programmer's Vault
Winsite - lots of free software

Excel for statistics,
Excel statistics free stuff
Excel tutorials - mainly accounting stuff
Spreadsheets in Education - mainly maths and statistics
The Spreadsheet Pages - Excel links / downloads etc.
Excel statistics tools

The C Shell
Linux Home Page, Microsoft Home Page, Sun Microsystems' Home Page, www.redhat.com

Unix Shell Guide, Unix for Users, Unix On-Line Manuals, Unix Links, Free Unix

Web Development

CGI Specification
The Meta Clinic Sorts out your meta-tags so they work better with the search engines.
Ming Tham's Web Authoring Resources,
Web Garage
Web site promotion

School Links

Degree Programme Handbook
Past Examination Papers
Undergraduate Project Outlines
Faculty of Engineering

Engineering Design Centres

Bath Engineering Design Centre (http://www.bath.ac.uk/Departments/Eng/edc/home.html)
Cambridge Engineering Design Centre (http://www-edc.eng.cam.ac.uk/)
Lancaster Engineering Design Centre (http://www.comp.lancs.ac.uk/edc/)
Newcastle Engineering Design Centre (http://www.edc.ncl.ac.uk/)
Plymouth Engineering Design Centre (http://www.plymouth.ac.uk/plymouth/main.htm)
Strathclyde CAD Centre (http://www.cad.strath.ac.uk/)

Engineering Links

Professional Engineering Bodies
British Standards Institution (http://www.bsi-global.com/group.htm)
International Standards Organisation (ISO) Online (http://www.iso.ch/welcome.html)
A National Resource for Global Standards (http://www.nssn.org/)
UK Patents Office (http://www.ukpats.org.uk)
Tribology Pages (friction, lubrication and wear) (http://www.tribology.co.uk)
Recent Advances in Manufacturing (RAM) (http://www.eevl.ac.uk/ram/index.html)
Robinson Library Resources in Engineering (http://www.ncl.ac.uk/library/lim/engin/enginhome.html)
Robinson Library Technical Indexes (http://www.ncl.ac.uk/library/hsheets/techindx.html)
Robinson Library Guide to Standards (http://www.ncl.ac.uk/library/guides/standgui.html)
Databases for Engineering (http://www.ncl.ac.uk/library/lim/engin/udmainen.html)
WWW Computing Links (http://www.ncl.ac.uk/library/guides/compig.html)
Best Manufacturing Practices (http://www.bmpcoe.org)
Mechanical Design Engineering Resources on the WWW (http://ng.netgate.net/~djc/)
Mechanical Design Resources (http://www.rxn.com/~demu001/mech_des.html)
Steve Henderson's Design Links (http://users.choice.net/~shender4/englinks.htm)
American National Standards
Design Management Institute
Index of American Engineering Institutions
Fred Dibnah's Home Page

General Links

Publishers's Catalogue Home Page
Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library
Directory of Publishers
Newcastle University Electronic Journals
The WWW Virtual Library
Information for Education, UK School league tables
University and Colleges Admissions Service, AQA, Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations
The Cambridge Dictionary, Index of dictionaries, On-line dictionary of computing
Royal Mail Post Code Search, UK maps, postcodes and streets
British Telecom Directory Enquiries
The Met Office weather forecasts
Scenic Photographs of Northumberland
Global Directory of Universities
BBC Learning Zone, Open University Broadcasting Listings
The Association of Business Schools
Send Free UK/ International FaxesSend free text messages to mobile phones
Research Index: The NECI Scientific Literature Digital Library
Scirus database of articles / web pages (full text search facility)
Computer Science Web Journals
Research Assessment Excercise
UK Legislation on line

Modelling / Systems Analysis

IDEF HomePage, IDEF Documents, IDEF Methodology, IDEF Standards, AFMC IDEF, IDEF Bibliography, Wright-Paterson Airforce Base
Systems Modelling Tools
International SSADM Users' Group
The Entity-Relationship Model, Free E/R Drawing Package, International Conference on Entity-Relationship Approach

Operational Excellence

Advanced Manufacturing Magazine
Air Academy Associates
Association for Manufacturing Excellence
Automotive Manufacturing and Production
Benchmarking Reports
Chesapeake Consultants
Constraints Management
Curious Cat Improvement Resources
Design for Competitive Processes
European Foundation for Quality Management
Fortune - Toyota
General Electric (Six sigma)
Industry Week
Kaizen Institute
Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award
Shingo prize Japan
Singapore Quality Award
Six Sigma business solutions
Six Sigma information
Statistics handbook

Operations Management / Manufacturing Systems III/IV

Thanks to Geoff Blair for contributing links in this section.
American Production and Inventory Control Society (http://www.apics.org)
Operations Management Index (http://www.twigg.freewire.co.uk/tomi/index.html)
Planning and Scheduling Special Interest Group
The Society for Computer Simulation Europe (http://hobbes.rug.ac.be/~scs/)
Operational Research Society (http://www.orsoc.org.uk)
Institute of Logistics and Transport, International Society of Logistics
Business Process Resource Centre (http://bprc.warwick.ac.uk/index.html )
International Purchasing and Supply Research Association (http://www.ipsera.org )
The Institute of Operations Management (http://www.iomnet.org.uk/ )
The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (http://www.cips.org)
Oliver Wight Institute (http://www.ollie.com), Eli Goldratt pages (http://www.rogo.com/cac/)
Production scheduling using spreadsheets  (http://www.production-scheduling.com)
MRP/ERP Systems (including selection tool), MRP/ERP User survey  , PC/MRP - Shareware MRP package available from www.shareware.com
Clustering concepts Hierarchical clustering, dendograms etc.
Operations Management add-ins for Excel
Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE)
International Federation Of Operational Research Societies
Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
Automated Scheduling, Optimisation and Planning Group
UK Planning and Scheduling Special Interest Group
Best Manufacturing Practices
Decision Support Systems Resources
Industrial Engineering Links
Plant Maintenance Resource Centre
Quality Management Links, Total Quality Management,  Dictionary of TQM terms
Electronic Statistics Resources


Neural Network Information Sources
Sugal 2.1 Genetic Algorithm Simulator,GA Environments, Mathew's GA Library
Ming Tham's Evolutionary Computation Page
The GA Playground - Java code and resources
Survey of optimisation methods
Linear Programming and the Simplex Algorithm
An Indexed Bibliography on Genetic Algorithms, PhD Theses, Various GA links
>50 PhD projects relating to GAs, 38 Completed PhDs on GAs
Illinois Genetic Algorithm Laboratory, www.genetic-programming.org


The Royal Statistical Society
Spreadsheets in Education - mainly maths and statistics, Using Excel for statistics, Excel statistics tools, Excel statistics free stuff
International Statistics Societies, Statistics Journals, Statistical Packages, Statistics Publishers
Six Sigma business solutions
Six Sigma information
Statistics handbook

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