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School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering,
Stephenson Building, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle NE1 7RU.


Administrative Information

I am the Degree Programme Director for the MEng in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and teach the following modules.

Module Summary Sheets
MMM152/5(MMM159) Manufacturing Technology & Management 1
MMM214 Manufacturing Systems 2
MMM341 Manufacturing Systems 3
MMM451 Manufacturing Systems 4
ENG201 Introduction to Business Management
MMM281 Operations Management
MMM399 Group Projects
MMM499 Individual Projects

Computing self study zone

C Programming
C++ Programming Tutorials
Cygwin (a Linux type environment for PCs including full X server)
DOS basics, MSDOS tutorial
Free Pascal, Free Pascal Download (Win32, UNIX, Linux etc, but not very friendly with Windows!)
Free Pascal User's Guide, Free Pascal Programmer's Guide, Reference Guide
GNU Homepage (lots of good free software), GNU software directory
GNU Pascal (UNIX/Linux),
Help-site computer manuals
Internet tutorials
Microsoft Access Tutorial , Micrsoft Access 2000 design tutorial, Another Access tutorial
Microsoft Excel tutorials, Excel books and tutorials
Java Tutorial, Sun's Java page
JavaScript Tutorial
Pascal tutorial, Online Pascal, Devlibrary Pascal tutorials, resources etc.
Tk/Tcl Programming
UNIX Reference Desk
Virtual Pascal, Free download (easier to install than Free Pascal, use 'alt' key to select menu
items, this clunky type of interface was common 15 years ago!)
The output window disappears when the program has finished, add a readln at the end of the
program then the window will remain until you enter a return. A user's manual and reference
guide is installed with the softwar.
Visual Basic Tutor, Visual Basic Information Centre, Visual Basic introduction, VB Tutor
Web programming tutorials (including CGI, Perl, guest books, search engines etc.)
Web developers resources
Windows 98 tutorial

Links / Resources

Students registered on these modules should access http://blackboard.ncl.ac.uk for course information and a wide range of on-line learning materials. Your user identifier is you UCS login (of the form n1234567) and your initial password is your student number which appears on your "smart" card. Some material is provided on the resources/links page for external users:
  • General links
  • General engineering links
  • Departmental links
  • Engineering Design Centres
  • Accounting links
  • Operations Management / Manufacturing Systems
  • Computing / programming resources
  • Modelling / systems analysis
  • Optimisation methods
  • Statistics

  • Student Feedback

    Module 1999/2000 2000/2001
    Manufacturing & Management I 3.59 3.9
    Manufacturing Systems II 4.4 Semester 2
    Operations Management II -- 3.49
    Introduction to  Business Management 3.8 3.8
    Manufacturing Systems III 3.71 3.67
    Manufacturing Systems IV -- 4.25
    Overall Teaching Mean Response (scored in the range 0-5)
    Module 1999/2000 2000/2001
    Mannufacturing and Management 4.25 4.52
    Manufacturing Systems II 4.69 Semester 2
    Operations Management II --- 4.06
    Introduction to Business Management 4.29 4.36
    Manufacturing Systems III 4.36 4.21
    Manufacturing Systems IV --- 4.25
    Well Prepared Mean Response (scored in range 0-5)
    Module 1999/2000 2000/2001
    Manufacturing & Management I 3.94 4.1
    Manufacturing Systems II 4.46 Semester 2
    Operations Management II --- 3.81
    Introduction to Business Management 4.29 4.36
    Manufacturing Systems III 4.36 3.96
    Manufacturing Systems IV --- 4.13
    Structured Notes Mean Response (Scored in range 0-5)
    Module 1999/2000 2000/2001
    Manufacturing & Management I 3.78 4.16
    Manufacturing Systems II 4.42 Semester 2
    Operations Management II --- 3.42
    Introduction to Business Management 3.82 3.74
    Manufacturing Systems III 3.82 3.92
    Manufacturing Systems IV --- 4.13
    Lectures Understood Mean Response (Scored in range 0-5)

    Status of Blackboard Implementation

    Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering have piloted the use of the Blackboard Managed Learning Environment.
    Web Links Module sheet Study Guide Detailed Notes Application based case-studies
    Manufacturing Tech. 1 Y Y Y N N
    Management 1 Y Y Y Y N
    Manufacturing Systems 2 Y Y Y Some PowerPoint Slides In preparation
    Manufacturing Sytems 3 Y Y Y PowerPoint slides N
    Introduction to Business Management Y Y Y Y Y
    Status of Blackboard Implementation

    The status of the Blackboard implementation for Chris Hicks' modules is summarised above. The most highly developed module is ENG201 "Introduction to Business Management" which was implemented first due to the large number of students studying the module. This module contains the widest range of materials including dedicated library support, formative assessment, on-line company reports and detailed tutorials that include Excel spreadsheet based case-studies. The materials for the second semester modules are still being developed. More sophisticated tutorial materials based upon the web-based Tk-Tcl language and Excel spreadsheets are being developed through student projects.
    Module Number of registered students Number of accesses 10/00-01/01
    Manufacturing Technology 1 131 994
    Management 1 131 Semester 2 module
    Manufacturing Systems 2 65 Semester 2 module
    Manufacturing Systems 3 49 1,533
    Introduction to Business Management 326 30,590
    Number of Registered Students and Usage of Blackboard Systems (10/2000-01/2001)

    Useful links: Learning Technology Support Unit, Leaning Technology Support Network

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