The files are grouped by show. Check my 'Scripts' page for synopses and libretti to put the songs in context. The authors of the MIDI files are indicated in square brackets - see end for the key.

The Arcadians
'Since the days before the flood' - Father Time (Lionel Monckton) [LS]
'The Pipes of Pan' - Sombra, Act 1 (Lionel Monckton) [LS]
'That's all over, bar the shouting' - Opening Chorus Act 2 (Lionel Monckton) [LS]
'Charming Weather' - Jack and Eileen, Act 2 (Lionel Monckton) [LS]
'Plant your posies' - Opening Chorus Act 3 (Howard Talbot) [LS]
'Bring me a Rose' - Eileen, Act 3 (Lionel Monckton, not in standard score) [MK]
'Bring me a Rose' - Eileen, Act 3 (another version) [JPP]
The Mousme(Lionel Monckton and Howard Talbot)
Complete MIDI karaoke score of The Mousme (zipped) [CMJ]

The Quaker Girl (Lionel Monckton)
'Quakers Meeting' Double Chorus, Act 1 [LS]
'The bad boy and the good girl' - Prudence and Tony, Act 1 [MK]
Complete MIDI karaoke score of The Quaker Girl (zipped) [JPP]

The Runaway Girl (Ivan Caryll & Lionel Monckton)
'The Soldiers in the Park' (Lionel Monckton) [Piano version - JPP]
'The Soldiers in the Park' (Lionel Monckton) [Orchestral version - JPP]
The Duchess of Dantzic (Ivan Caryll)
Chorus of Assistants [LS]
'Papillion' [LS]
Act 1 finale [LS]
The Gaiety Girl (Sidney Jones)
Waltz [LS]
The Geisha (Sidney Jones)
'The Wedding Song' - Imari, Act 3 (Not in standard score) [LS]
San Toy (Sidney Jones)
Complete MIDI score of San Toy (zipped) [CMJ]

The Belle of New York (Gustave Kerker)
March [LS]
A Country Girl (Lionel Monckton)
Complete MIDI karaoke score of A Country Girl (zipped) [JPP]
'Pixies' [LS]
Our Miss Gibbs (Lionel Monckton)
Moonstruck [MK]
Piano Selection [JPP]
The Toreador (Lionel Monckton)
Keep off the Grass [MK]
Monsieur Beaucaire (Andre Messager)
Complete MIDI karaoke score of Monsieur Beaucaire (zipped) [CMJ]
Opening Chorus Waltz, Act 1 [LS]
Miss Hook of Holland(Paul Reubens)
Complete MIDI score of Miss Hook of Holland (zipped) [MN]

Florodora (Leslie Stuart)
Complete MIDI karaoke score of Florodora (zipped) [CMJ]
Musical Theatre Research Project on Florodora - an excellent set of pages about the show based around a production at The Catholic University of America's Benjamin T. Rome School of Music in 1996.

The MIDI files were produced by:

  • CMJ = Colin Johnson
  • MK = Marc Kernig
  • MN = Maximilian Naguit
  • JPP = James Pitt-Payne (lyrics by Bunty Pritchard Jones)
  • LS = Laurence Scott
You can play the MIDI files on any music player, but if you download the free karaoke player from you'll be able to follow the words of the MIDI karaoke files, too!