Riot and Rebellion: British Political History, Lecture plan

Lectures take place in Lecture Room A, on Mondays at 12 noon

British Political History, Lecture plan, Semester 2, 2001

Lecture content
12th February Introduction to political history: revisionism, historiography and the issues at stake, 1603-1642
19th February Court faction and political life: Buckingham: sodomy and success?
26th February IT workshop: Popular politics. Both sessions this week will be IT workshops
5th March Puritanism and the Church of England.
12th March The 1620s: Warfare and domestic politics
19th March Charles I and the Personal Rule: a reinterpretation?
End of term Vacation: time to do some extra reading
23rd April The Causes of the Civil War
30th April The Rise of the New Model Army
7th May No lecture. Bank Holiday. IT workshop to be done in own time on The growth of London and its importance
14th May Cromwell




Reading list: Political history books and articles


Reading list: thematic breakdown of political books and articles


Reading list: suggested essay questions for political history


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