Database Course for the ESRC Newcastle-Durham DTC



These pages are designed to support the Newcastle contribution to the Newcastle-Durham ESRC DTC 'introduction to historical databases'. The Newcastle contribution consists of three sessions designed to take a beginner through the stages of designing and using Access 2007 to analyse a given historical dataset. There are six files to date:


Manuals in pdf format:

Session 1: How to construct an Access Database

Session 2: Further use of Access: relational power, data entry and data coding

Session 3: Further use of Access: Bunhill Fields and using images in databases

The Fleet Marriage Database (© Jeremy Boulton and Jacob Field)

The Westminster Infirmary Database (© Jeremy Boulton)

The Westminster Infirmary Patients List

The Examinant database (© Jeremy Boulton and Leonard Schwarz)

The Bunhill Burials database (© Jeremy Boulton and John Black)


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