www.staff.ncl.ac.uk/jamescummings vs blogs.ncl.ac.uk/jamescummings

Interesting. NCL seems to have two wordpress multi-site places I can have for a web presence in addition to the http://www.ncl.ac.uk/elll/staff/profile/jamescummings.html staff profile in my school.  (And various project sites of course…) There is this place http://www.staff.ncl.ac.uk/jamescummings and I’d already set up a blog at http://blogs.ncl.ac.uk/jamescummings.  I wonder what the difference in hosting (one seems to have 7 themes installed, the other 9?) or perception is? I’ll probably end up using https://www.staff.ncl.ac.uk/jamescummings since well that has a more official looking URL for things which are _not_ just blog posts.  Time will tell.


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