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Supporting the International Development of the CIS Agricultural Sector (SIDCISA)


Project Description


The agricultural sector is of great strategic significance throughout the CIS given its contribution to employment, trade and income. The ability of this sector to meet the main challenges it faces in both domestic and international markets will have a major bearing on the nature of transformation in rural areas, specifically the level of economic growth, standards of living, migration and degree of poverty.


Following the transformation induced by privatisation and land reform, the main challenges currently faced by the CIS agricultural sector are to:

(a) integrate into European and wider international markets and deal with the greater contestibility of local markets,

(b) institute effective contractual relationships and

(c) cope with the needs of international buyers and changing domestic consumer preferences.


These issues form the basis of the research, which covers three CIS states (Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine).


The project brings together an appropriate, interdisciplinary team of agricultural economists, business management experts and marketers.


For each of the CIS countries covered, the project will deliver reviews of organisational change in the agricultural sector, a comprehensive survey of commercial agricultural producers and case study analysis for guiding export led development.


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2006 Meeting in Moldova

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