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English Speaking Countries:

United States of America


Great Britain



New Zealand

South Africa



Do you like to travel?

Do you want to improve your English?

Have you always wanted to study English in an English-speaking country?

Then this website is for you!

If you are thinking about studying abroad in an English speaking country, you will probably want to learn as much as you can before deciding on which country to visit. This website will help you with your decision. Each page contains interesting facts and a video to get you excited about traveling to that country.

Don't forget to click on all the links. Some links take you to other websites and some will connect you to quizzes that help you learn new vocabulary words. There is also a special page for links to make your trip happen. Have fun!

English around the world

English language map

countries where English is the first and often only language of most people
countries where besides English as a native language there is at least one other significant native tongue
light pink countries where English is not native, only official language

Source: http://lazarus.elte.hu/~guszlev/gb/english.htm