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My research interests fall into two broad categories: the use of modern and fossil diatoms for monitoring environmental change, and the analysis of ecological and palaeoecological data.

The list below contains links to recent projects. A list of my recent publication can be found on the School web site.

Recent (and not so recent) projects
DARES, DALES and DARLEQ Diatom Assessment of River and Lake Ecological Status.
DALES Diatom Assessment of Lake Ecological Status.
Diatom CD-ROM Computerised multi-access key and web-based flora for the identification of UK river diatoms.
CLAM Critical Loads of Acidity and Metals. Acidification and recovery of UK surface waters.
MOLTEN Monitoring Long-term Trends in Eutrophication and Nutrients in the Coastal Zone. Diatom-based transfer functions and palaeoecological indicators of recent (150 year) ecosystem change in NW European coastal waters.
EDDI European Diatom Database. A web-based system of diatom training sets, ecological and taxonomic information, diatom images and transfer functions for performing environmental reconstructions from fossil assemblages.
ADIAC Automated Diatom Identification and Classification. Automated diatom identification project with a web-based diatom image database, image analysis and feature extraction algorithms, and pattern recognition software.
Las Encinas Sediment records of closed-basin saline lakes in Spain as indicators of changes in climate, water resources, vegetation and human impact over the last 10-15,000 years.

Further information on research in the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology.


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