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These pages contain information about software I have written for the analysis of ecological and palaeoecological data. Follow the links below for more details and to download individual programs.

I have done my best to ensure that these programs perform correctly but I cannot guarantee that they are completely free of errors. Please email me if you find find bugs or want to suggest improvements.

C2 Version 1.7

Windows XP/Vista/7 program for exploring species - environment relationships, developing transfer functions ("inference models"), and plotting stratigraphic diagrams (replaces Calibrate, WAPLS, MAT and PDP).

The programs below are no longer supported or distributed. Most of their function has been replaced by C2 and rioja. Please contact me if you have a specific need.
Calibrate DOS program for exploring species - environment relationships and developing transfer functions ("inference models"). This program is replaced by C2 and is no longer available.
WinTran Windows program for for converting ecological and palaeoecological data between Excel, Access, Paradox, DBase, Lotus, Cornell and Tilia formats.
Tran A DOS program for converting and editing ecological and palaeoecological data.
Palaeo Data Plotter Windows program for plotting stratigraphic data. This program is replaced by C2 and is no longer available.
WAPLS A Windows console program for inferring environmental variables from species assemblages using weighted averaging partial least squares regression.
Zone DOS program for the zonation (constrained clustering) of palaeoecological data.


C2 analysis of palaeoecological data

WINTRAN: data conversion

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