What time does it start? You can start between 12:15 and 1:30pm- there will be group starts every 15 min.

Do I need to register?  No just come along on the day and give your name at the desk

What if I want my run timed?  Register on the day at the desk at the start where you will be given a timing chip.  Return the chip when you finish.

How far is one lap?  The lap is 0.81 mile- it’s a simple loop round the outside of the park- see ‘the course’ page.

What if I can’t run?  No worries, just walk or walk/run, whatever you can manage.

Is there somewhere I can leave my stuff? You can leave a bag at the start/finish area -there will be people there all the time but please don’t bring valuables as we can’t guarantee their safety.

Are there toilets?  There are toilets at the café but these are only available for customers.

Where will the timed results be? There will be a link to the results each week on this site.

What about the leaderboard?  Yes, there is a leaderboard showing total runs, PBs, fastest man and woman etc.  If you don’t want your results to be included in the leaderboard just email us to opt out.

What if I didn’t use a timing chip?  Your results won’t appear. You can still keep track yourself as an incentive if you like.

Where can I shower afterwards?  There is a list of facilities on the ‘where can I shower?’ page.  If you know of other showers staff/postgrads can use, let us know.

Will the café be open?  Yes, and they are offering a 10% discount for participants.

What if I can’t come the first week? Doesn’t matter. come along whichever weeks suit you.

What happens after week 4?  If the run is popular, we propose to go on with weekly informal runs with timing offered once a month.

Will the results feed into the REF?  The Stern report recommended that athletic performance be considered at a Departmental or Unit of Assessment level- individual results will doubtless feed into the algorithm (joke!).