Professor Caroline Austin


My group focusses on type II DNA topoisomerases (TOP2s). We are interested in the biochemistry, cell biology and stuctural biology of these enzymes and on the molecular pharmacology of anti-cancer drugs that target them. A major current strand of the lab's work is elucidating the role of TOP2 in generating secondary leukaemias after therapy for a primary cancer, and investigating ways to reduce the occurance of these therapy-related leukaemias. This work is funded by Bloodwise (formerly known as Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research) and Breast Cancer Now. More information on work funded by Bloodwise at Newcastle University can be found HERE.


More details of recent and ongoing work can be found in the Research and Publications sections of this site.


My lab is within the Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences, which is based in the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Newcastle Univerity.


The University campus is located in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne in the Northeast of England. The City and surrounding area are known, amongst other things, for arts and culture, shopping, unspoilt countyside and coastline, Hadrian's Wall, medieval castles and the Great North Run.

There are typically two or three graduate students in my group at any one time. A list of past and present students can be found HERE