Chris Petrie's travel plans

Tue, 14th - Thu, 16th December 2004
Swansea (BSR Council and Conference)
Thu, 24th February 2005
London (part of a longer trip, probably).
Mon, 21st - Wed, 23rd March 2005
Lake Vyrnwy, Wales - Extensional Flow (University of Wales INNFM conference).
Thu, 21st - Sat, 23rd April 2005
AERC 2005, Grenoble.
December 2005
BSR Conference (tba).
Mon, 10th - Wed, 12th April 2006
Miskin Manor, Swansea - Rheometry 3 (University of Wales INNFM conference).
Fri, 3rd - Sun, 5th Augusts 2006

Some past travels:

Future travel plans may involve conferences.
Information dated 14th October 2004.
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Chris Petrie

currently seems to spend more time creating personal web pages than doing research or teaching - but don't judge by appearances.

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Also was responsible for pages from the Dynamics of Complex Fluids Programme which took place long ago (1996) at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cambridge.
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