Teaching and supervision

Associate Fellow of Advance HE (UKPSF D1 accredited)

UG summer project 2021: A literature review exploring the ‘leaky pipeline’ of women in mathematics academia

UG summer project 2022: Conducting interviews with maths PhD students to explore their lived experiences


MRes mini-module, PHY8005 Agent Based Modelling, designed course material, delivered in a series of computational workshops, and marked (Semester 1 18/19, 19/20 and 20/21)

Lecturer for PHY1032 Algebra (Semester 1 2019/2020)

PARTNERS Summer School teaching (2019, online 2020)

Led MAS2802 Differentiation Equations problems classes, tutorials and office hours (Semester 2, 18/19)

Newcastle University Academic Track Fellow (NUAcT Fellow)