The Group

Group with Prof. Fenna Poletiek (visitor from Leiden University and Max Planck Institute for Neurolinguistics)
Some photos with previous combinations of these amazing scientists
Prof. Chris Petkov, Group Lead

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GROUP Alphabetically: 

Dr. David Howett, Research Associate working on hippocampal memory system, limbic encephalitis and stroke/degeneration

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Dr. Yukiko Kikuchi, Senior Research Associate working on predictive systems and genotyping
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Dr. Zsuzsanna Kocsis, Research Associate and lab ambassador with neurosurgery team at University of Iowa (part of Iowa Newcastle Collaboration)


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Jennifer Nacef, Laboratory Manager


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Dr. Cody McCants, Research Associate jointly with Max Planck Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig (Prof. Friederici & Dr. Maennel)

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Dr. Ross Muers, Research Associate working on amodal neural representations and sensory convergence (European Research Council project)

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PhD STUDS Alphabetically

Ryan Calmus, Wellcome Trust PhD Student (started 2016) – combinatorial binding computational modelling
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Holly Jenkins, ESRC PhD Student (main supervisor: Ben Wilson)
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Zhipeng Zhang, PhD Student

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Dr. Benjamin Wilson, Independent Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow at Newcastle University, now tenure-track Assistant Professor at Emory University and Yerkes Primate Research Center in Atlanta, Georgia USA

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Helsinki Collaborators: Newcastle – Finland
With Teemu Rinne, Emma Salo, & Patrik Wikman @brain website

Iowa Newcastle Collaboration: University of Iowa Human Brain Research Laboratory (Prof. Matt Howard’s group)


ALUMNI Alphabetically:

Dr. Adam Attaheri, MRC PhD Student (2012-2016), now post doctoral researcher at Cambridge University with Prof. Usha Goswami


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Dr. Alice Milne, MRC PhD Student (2013-2017), now post doctoral researcher at UCL with Prof. Maria Chait


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Dr. Ross Muers, Wellcome Trust PhD Student (2013-2017), now post doctoral researcher on ERC grant
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Dr. Catherine Perrodin, Max Planck PhD Student (2010-2015), now post doc at UCL with Dr. Daniel Bendor


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Dr. Francesca Rocchi, Research Associate now at the Donders Center in Nijmegen
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Ben Slater, Leeds exchange student extraordinaire

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Dr. Heather Slater, past PhD Student (2013-2017), now Durham University RA on ERC Project
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Dr. Benjamin Wilson, PhD Student (2011-2015), previous Independent Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow at Newcastle University, now tenure track Assist. Professor at Emory University, USA

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