Chris Petkov & William Marslen Wilson (Cambridge) are editing a Language Evolution special issue for Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences

30 contributions from world leading authorities on language evolution or the neurobiology of cognition and language will provide thought provoking pieces on the co-evolution of cognition and language.

Final articles will begin to appear here when they are completed.


ERC Consolidator Grant


MECHIDENT Neural networks and mechanisms for identifying individuals. An exciting new five year project using cutting-edge direct neural recordings in human patients being monitored for surgery (with our University of Iowa neursurgery collaborators, led by Prof. Matthew Howard III) alongside our award winning work in primate models, including optogenetic control of neuronal responses (in collaboration with Dr. Michael Schmid).


BBC Radio 3 Public Engagement Activity at Sage (March 2017): Hear the live BBC Radio 3 broadcast with Tom Service and hear the outcome of our music and time perception experiment: How does music warp people’s perception of time?


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Our Mission

Our group is pursuing evolutionary relationships in brain function. We are guided by the notion that information on how the human brain changed during its evolutionary history will be indispensable for advancing treatments for cognitive and communication disorders. This includes addressing forms of aphasia, agnosia and language disorders.

Our research uses advanced imaging and neurophysiological methods to study perceptual awareness and cognition, with an emphasis on communication: auditory or multisensory. Research Directions

Current Funding

Wellcome Trust
European Research Council
National Institutes of Health (in collaboration with HBRL at University of Iowa)

Past Funders

Wellcome Trust
Helsinki University
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Max-Planck Society
National Institutes of Health
M.I.N.D. Institute