Undergraduate Teaching

  • Memory, Language and Cognition to 2nd year Medical Students
  • Language and Communication to 2nd year Psychology students on the Comparative Cognition Course
  • Neurobiology and frontal disoders
  • Perception and Cognition for Psychology and Biomedical Science students

Postgraduate Teaching

  • Animal Behaviour module for Masters students
  • Cognitive Neuroscience seminars to post-graduate students

Teaching Innovation and Recognition: Newcastle Teaching Excellence Award (2013) – for Innovative Teaching Methods (to C. Petkov, A. Attaheri, and R. Muers); Nomination (2014).


Laboratory PhD graduation ceremony

The Laboratory of Comparative Neuropsychology has a unique PhD completion ritual that symbolizes the different stages of a PhD student’s doctoral work and the support of their supervisors and laboratory team. PhD students in the lab are not officially doctors without having gone through the lab ritual on the Marley Harley and kissed the statue of Charlie Schroeder to signify their commitment to the core principles of “science, discovery, creativity, objectivity, rigour, innovation and animal welfare” in all of their work.

This is what one of them said about the ritual.

“It was actually a lot of fun (honest).” – Dr. Ross Muers