Past Highlights


ERC Consolidator Award: Neural networks and mechanisms for identifying individuals. New five year project using cutting-edge direct neural recordings in human patients being monitored for surgery (with our University of Iowa neursurgery collaborators, led by Prof. Matthew Howard III) alongside our award winning work in primate models, including optogenetic manipulation of neuronal responses (in collaboration with Dr. Michael Schmid).


BBC Radio 3 Public Engagement Activity at Sage (March 2017): Hear the live BBC Radio 3 broadcast with Tom Service and hear the outcome of our music and time perception experiment: How does music warp people’s perception of time?



Congratulations to Drs. Ben Wilson (Newcastle) and Catherine Perrodin (UCL), now independent Sir Henry Wellcome Fellows 

C. Petkov was a Fellow with Lorentz and National Institutes of Advanced Studies in the Netherlands, as part of a NIAS-Lorentz Theme Group on Language Learning and the Evolution of Language (April to June, 2017).