There are a few different ways to access our shared materials:

  • The data are available in the following ways. We recommend using the Open Science Framework under Laboratory of Comparative Neuropsychology (arqp8) to access the share: You will need a login for OSF if you do not already have one. GitHub projects are also being collected under LCN or the laboratory name (see relevant paper links). We also support PRIME-DE and are sharing data via this Neuron Resource.

This now dated option is being phased out because the above options are better …

The other option is to contact us: email the first or corresponding author of the paper citing the paper and data requested. They will email you more information on accessing the data via our sFTP site. We have only tested access with FileZilla, so cannot guarantee that other software will work. In case the first author or corresponding authors are unavailable, contact the current Institute of Neuroscience IT staff and ask them for access to the Laboratory of Comparative Neuropsychology data share, providing information on the paper and share requested.