Our students

The REACH-FAR program has had the privileged of working with and supervising medical students who wish to undertake a clinical or laboratory research project as part of a Masters in Research (MRes) as an intercalated degree with Newcastle University.  Their projects have been varied and often involve a collaboration across themes and Institutes within the Faculty of Medicine and other partners of the Newcastle University.

2020 – The allergic profile of children with cystic fibrosis in the north-east of England and a novel perspective on the pathogenesis of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (A. Faulkner MRes Newcastle University)

2020 – A comparison of the clinical phenotype, risk factors and immune signature of transplant associated allergy between paediatric cardiac and renal transplant recipients. (F. Johnson MRes Newcastle University)

2019 – The Definition, Clinical Characterisation and Immune Signature of infants and children with Atopic Dermatitis with Allergic Gastrointestinal Inflammatory Origins (ADAGIO COMPLEX) (E. Compton MRes Newcastle University)

2019 – The Clinical Phenotype and Classification of Paediatric Eosinophilic Allergic Diseases. (C.H Lim MRes Newcastle University)

2017 – To classify Multi system Allergic Inflammation in Children.  (MoSAIC) (E.Ladlow MRes Newcastle University)

Some clinicians and allied health professionals may be registered to another University to undertake a Masters in Science in Allergy (MSc Allergy) and require supervision locally within the region for their project. We are happy to collaborate with these Universities.

2020 – Too much amino acid formula? A retrospective audit of formula milk prescribing in IgE and non-IgE mediated cow’s milk protein allergy (Dr Mairi Woodsford MSc University of Southampton).

2019 – Sensitisation in hazelnut allergy across North East England – The SHARE Study (Dr Punit Shah MSc Allergy University of Southampton)

2017 – Sensitisation in hazelnut allergy across regions of Europe – SHARE Study (Carolina Perez University of Valencia Spain)

2016 – A survey of school’s preparedness for managing anaphylaxis in pupils with food allergy. (Dr George Raptis MSc Allergy Imperial College)

2015 – Kitchen and takeaway staff education and awareness of allergic disease (Dr Tushar Banerjee MSc Allergy Imperial College) – John Warner Prize