Group pictures

Thanksgiving Dinner at Anke’s house (November 2019)

Left to right: Anke, Nikos, Harry, Christos, and Maggie.

EE MSc end of year conference and party (August 2019)

Left to right: Jin, Tianqi, Anke, Shaikha, and Harry

Thanksgiving Dinner at Anke’s house (November 2018)

Now declared a tradition! (Left to right: Shannons’ better half Johanna, Jim, Harry, Kath, fellow-lecturer Shannon, Anke’s better half Marcus)

Dong’s last group presentation at Newcastle (April 2017)

After the presentation (Left to right: Khalid, Anke, Dong, Kath, Jim).
Dong giving his presentation Рwith lots of M̦ssbauer data.

Lab clean up and goodbye party for EE MSc students 2015/16 (September 2016)

Cleaning the lab after successfully completing the MSc projects. (Left to right: Anke, Khalid, Kath, Jiangsen, Xiaobin, Ricky.)
Well done everyone – so cheers to your MSc in Environmental Engineering. (Left to right: Jiangsen, Ricky, Jim, Xiaobin, Kath, Anke.)