A Brand New and Original Magical Operetta by Fraser Charlton

Songs based on those by Gilbert & Sullivan

John Wellington Wells, the sorcerer, brings to life the waxworks of Grimsby and Gertrude Grice so that they can commit burglaries. His love potion also causes problems between the central couple of Edwin and Angelina...

A lively, funny show with magic, romance, fighting and plenty of 'in-jokes' for a G&S audience! Enjoyed by all ages.

Download the full script of Wicked Waxworks (MS Word format).


Dramatis Personae

  • John Wellington Wells (a Sorcerer) - BARITONE
  • Grimsby Grice (a Waxworks proprietor) - BARITONE
  • Gertrude Grice (Grimsby's sister) - CONTRALTO
  • Edwin Bigglesworth (a Floor Sweeper) - BARITONE
  • Angelina Angelheart (an Admirer of Mr Bigglesworth) - SOPRANO
  • Myrtle Murgatroyd (an Opportunistic Young Lady) - SOPRANO
  • Rowena Rosebud (a Melodramatic Young Lady) - MEZZO-SOPRANO
  • Rev. Osbourne Road/Inspector Bouncer - BARITONE
  • Dean Street - NON SINGING
  • Waxwork One (a Pirate King) - BASS
  • Waxwork Two - NON SINGING

The parts of Osbourne Road and Inspector Bouncer are to be taken by the same person (usually!).

ACT I. - March 22nd, 1875

  • Scene One - The Waxworks
  • Scene Two - Outside a church, the following morning
Grimsby and Gertrude Grice are the inheritors of the most handsome collection of Waxworks in the British Empire. However, despite the regular crowds of admiring women, their business is losing money. To remedy this, Grimsby decides to engage the services of John Wellington Wells, a newly-qualified sorcerer, to bring the waxworks to life. Once activated, he leads them in a burglary of the wealthy Angelheart Manor.

On hearing of her father's bankruptcy, Angelina Angelheart hastily agrees to marry Edwin Bigglesworth, the Grice's floor sweeper. When Grimsby hears of this, he confesses a long-held passion for Angelina and orders his waxworks to kidnap her from her wedding ceremony.

ACT II. - Later the same day

  • Scene One - The Waxworks
  • Scene Two - A square in London
  • Scene Three - The Waxworks
Despite all his efforts, Grimsby cannot persuade Angelina to love him, so Mr. Wells is instructed to brew some of his famous love potion. When Edwin returns to rescue his fiance he is captured by the waxworks and they are both forced to drink the love philtre, Gertrude taking a shine to the handsome hero. The young lovers fall into a magical slumber, ready to fall in love with the first person of the opposite sex that they see on awakening.

The girls, together with a cowardly group of policemen that they have engaged, arrive at the waxworks. A battle insues, the outcome of which you'll have to wait and see...

2 Acts. Duration: 90 mins (excluding interval).
Principals: 9 - 2 Sopranos, 1 Mezzo, 1 Contralto, 4 Baritones, 1 Bass + Chorus.



OVERTURE - Drawing Room music from Utopia Limited
1. OPENING CHORUS - "Handsome gentry" (Ruddigore)
2. a. SONG - "Oh, why am I crabby and mean?" (Ruddigore) - GRIMSBY
b. SONG - "If you give me your attention" (Princess Ida) - GRIMSBY
3. DUET - "My boy, you may take it from me" (Ruddigore) - GRIMSBY & EDWIN
4. DUET - "Prithee, pretty maiden" (Patience) - EDWIN & ANGELINA
5. SONG - "My name is John Wellington Wells" (The Sorcerer) - WELLS
6. TRIO - "Let all your doubts take wing" (Utopia Limited) - WELLS, GERTRUDE & GRIMSBY
7. a. INCANTATION - "Sprites of earth and air" (The Sorcerer) - WELLS & CHORUS
b. CHORUS OF WAXWORKS - "Sculptures with a famous face" (Ruddigore)
c CHORUS OF WAXWORKS - "If you want to know who we are" (The Mikado)
8. SONG - "With cat-like tread" (The Pirates of Penzance) - GRIMSBY & WAXWORKS
9. SOLO & CHORUS - "Comes the maiden plighted" (Trial By Jury) - MYRTLE
10. BALLAD - "Time was when love and I were well acquainted" (The Sorcerer) - OSBOURNE
a. CHORUS OF GIRLS & VERGERS "Won't it be a pretty wedding?" (The Grand Duke)
b. DUET - "Pretty Angie, fair" and tasty" - EDWIN & ANGELINA
c. SOLOS and CHORUS - "Madam, without the castle walls" (Princess Ida) - MYRTLE & ANGELINA
d. DOUBLE CHORUS - "Walls and fences scaling"
e. RECIT. - "Hold, bride and bridegroom" (Ruddigore) - WAXWORK ONE
f. SONG - "We will make her dwell in a dungeon cell" (Princess Ida) - WAXWORK ONE & CHORUS


1. SONG - "By the mystic regulation" (The Grand Duke) - WELLS, GRIMSBY & GERTRUDE
2. CHORUS – "Loudly let the trumpets bray" (Iolanthe) - WAXWORKS
3. DUET - "Now wouldn't you like to rule the roost" (Princess Ida) - ANGELINA & GERTRUDE
4. SOLO & CHORUS - "Death to the abductors" (Princess Ida) - MYRTLE
5. SONG - "Yes! Yes! In those merry days!" (Cox & Box) - BOUNCER
6. SOLOS & CHORUS - "When the foeman bares his steel" (The Pirates of Penzance) - BOUNCER, MYRTLE & ROWENA
7. SONG - "When you find you're a broken-down critter" (The Grand Duke) - WELLS
8. PATTER TRIO - "My eyes are fully open" (Ruddigore) - EDWIN, ANGELINA & WELLS
9. SONG - "No more I'll cower" (The Mikado) - GERTRUDE & CHORUS
10. CHORUS - "When anger spreads his wing" (Princess Ida)
11. DUET - "I once was a very abandoned person" (Ruddigore) - GRIMSBY & GERTRUDE
12. FINALE - "Young Edwin is the kind of lout" (Iolanthe)


Information about producing 'Wicked Waxworks'

If you are interested in producing this show, please contact fraser.charlton@ncl.ac.uk: I have piano-vocal scores and production videos available for all of my shows. I don't charge any royalties for performances - simply a copy of all promotional material, a video/DVD of your production and any reviews you get!