A Brand New and Original Satirical Operetta by Fraser Charlton

Songs based on those by Gilbert & Sullivan (and Offenbach)

Robin Hood, a well-meaning socialist, and the Sheriff of Nottingham, a hard-hearted Conservative, are unhappy with their lot, and their women! The Sheriff's maid persuades them to change places for a month, with disastrous consequences!

This is a satirical musical, rooted in Monty Python and Blackadder, that provides a wide range of principal parts, as well as explaining the foundation of Parliamentary democracy! A score for small orchestra (2 violins, viola, 'cello, flute and clarinet) is also available.

Download the full script of Robin Hood and his Merry Persons (MS Word format).


Dramatis Personae

  • Robin Hood - BARITONE
  • Rupert, Sheriff of Nottingham - BARITONE
  • Will Scarlett - TENOR
  • Ann Oakleaf (a Merry Person) - MEZZO-SOPRANO
  • Marion - BASS
  • Little John - MEZZO-SOPRANO
  • Virginia (Robin's girlfriend) - CONTRALTO
  • Kevin (a Stupid Guard) - BARITONE
  • Brian (an Even Stupider Guard)- BARITONE
  • Lady Caroline of Wessex (Rupert's girlfriend) - SOPRANO
  • Eloise (Rupert's maid-of-all-work) - SOPRANO
  • Chris (a Scrounger) - NON SINGING
  • Cheryl (another Scrounger) - NON SINGING
  • Friar Tuck - NON SINGING

The parts of Osbourne Road and Inspector Bouncer are to be taken by the same person (usually!).

ACT I. - A Glade in Sherwood Forest

All is not well in Sherwood Forest. The Merry Men, recently renamed the Merry Persons by the politically correct Robin Hood, are not happy with their leader's 'right-on' ideology. Basically, they like 'robbing from the rich', but aren't so keen on the 'giving it to the poor' bit. Led by the treacherous Ann Oakleaf, they are demanding that some more wealth is re-distributed in their direction. Even Virginia, Robin's fiance, is sick of living like a pheasant and breaks off their engagement.

Rupert, the Sheriff of Nottingham, is having his own troubles with popularity, the people not responding well to his policy of low taxation and bugger all public spending. To make matters worse, his girlfriend (Lady Caroline) thinks he's not butch enough.

Meanwhile, Eloise (the Sheriff's maid) is conducting a passionate affair with Will Scarlett, Robin's right hand man. Unable to marry because of the hatred between their employers, Eloise devises a cunning plan to teach Robin and Rupert to be less narrow-minded. They are to change places for a month...

ACT II. - One month later

  • Scene One - A Glade in Sherwood Forest
  • Scene Two - Outside Sherwood Castle, Evening
Rupert has totally reformed the Merry Persons: they're keeping all their money, privatising themselves and putting everything out to private tender. They're also becoming more and more greedy and uncontrollable. The only good thing is that Rupert (as Robin) is getting on rather too well with Virginia...

Robin also has his problems. Public spending is enormous, taxation is running at 99% and inflation is out of control. On the other hand, his relationship with Lady Caroline is flourishing, and, for once in his life, he might be in love...

The moment for the change back arrives when the two leaders are attacked by the disgruntled Merry Persons, headed by Ann Oakleaf and her cronies. Before they can put them to the sword, however, Will Scarlett reveals that he is, in reality, King Richard the Lionheart in disguise. By an ingenious piece of law-making he ensures that extremism will never again take hold of England, and all ends happily.

2 Acts. Duration: 100 mins (excluding interval)
Principals: 14 - 2 Sopranos, 1 Mezzo, 2 Contraltos, 1 Tenor, 5 Baritones, 3 Non-singing + Chorus.



1. a. OPENING CHORUS - "For the Merriest People are we" (The Gondoliers)
b. DUET - "We are the bold outlaws" (Utopia Limited) - ANN & MARION
2. a. CHORUS - "All hail to Robin Hood" (Trial By Jury)
b. SONG - "I live a life that's poor and free" (The Pirates of Penzance) - ROBIN
3. SONG - "I grew up as the daughter" (The Gondoliers) - VIRGINIA
4 .a. DUET - "We are the guardsmen of the Sheriff"
(Genevieve de Brabant, Jacques Offenbach) - KEVIN & BRIAN
b. SONG - "At my entrance I should mention" (The Grand Duke) - SHERIFF
5. SONG - "A life of luxury's a bore" (Patience) - CAROLINE
6. DUET - "Words of love too loudly spoken" (Utopia Limited) - WILL & ELOISE
7. DUET - "Who are you, sir?" (Cox and Box) - ROBIN & SHERIFF
a. QUARTET - "I am agreed" (The Mikado) - ROBIN, SHERIFF, WILL & ELOISE
b. DUET - "Come hither all you people" (The Grand Duke) - SHERIFF & WILL
c. CHORUS - "Now what is all the fuss about" (The Pirates of Penzance)
d. SOLO & CHORUS - "I was a caring leader" (Ruddigore) - SHERIFF
e. DUET - "Now hold" (The Grand Duke) - VIRGINIA & SHERIFF
f. SOLOS & CHORUS - "At last my dreams are coming true" (The Mikado) - VIRGINIA, SHERIFF, ANN & MARION


1. SOLOS & CHORUS - "The happiest and richest band" (The Gondoliers) - ANN & MARION
2. DUET - "Rapture, rapture" (The Yeomen of the Guard) - VIRGINIA & SHERIFF
3. TRIO - "Away, away" (The Pirates of Penzance) - ANN, MARION & LITTLE JOHN
4. QUARTET - "Never mind the rising taxes" (H.M.S. Pinafore) - ELOISE, CAROLINE, KEVIN & BRIAN
5. DUET - "P'raps a moment we should tarry" (Iolanthe) - ROBIN & CAROLINE
6. SOLOS & CHORUS - "Dodging through the dingy darkness" (Thespis) - ANN, MARION & LITTLE JOHN
7. a. QUINTETTE - "Now the trial month has ended" (The Sorcerer) - WILL, ELOISE, SHERIFF, ANN & ROBIN
b. CHORUS - "Observe our leaders here" (Utopia Limited)
c. RECITATIVE - "Hold, rash ones" (The Pirates of Penzance) - WILL & ANN
d. SONG - "Some years ago" (Princess Ida) - WILL
a. SOLOS - "We've changed our treacherous life" (The Pirates of Penzance) - ANN, MARION, CAROLINE, ROBIN, VIRGINIA, SHERIFF, WILL & ELOISE
b. CHORUS - "Hail, ever hail, democracy!" (The Pirates of Penzance)
c. CHORUS - "For the Merriest People are we" (The Gondoliers)

Note: at least one song from every G&S Opera has been used!


Information about producing 'Robin Hood and his Merry Persons'

If you are interested in producing this show, please contact fraser.charlton@ncl.ac.uk: I have piano-vocal scores and production videos available for all of my shows. I don't charge any royalties for performances - simply a copy of all promotional material, a video/DVD of your production and any reviews you get!