British Social History Lecture Plan: Semester 2, 2001

Lectures take place in Lecture Room A, on Wednesdays at 12 noon

Lecture plan for Social history component
February 7th Reading list: an Introduction to Social and Economic History: issues, themes and methods: village histories and 'history from below'
February 14th Down on the Farm: the food supply and the fortunes of the producers
February 21st Population growth and its social and economic consequences: the rich and the poor, winners and losers
February 28th IT workshop: Women in early Stuart England. A booked PC cluster will be provided, but this slot will give you an opportunity to work on your own, at your own preferred place and time. The theme will be Some online gobbets will also be provided, that you can do in lieu of one essay
March 7th The godly in action and the 'cultural failure' of the 'Puritan revolution'.
March 14th The rise in literacy and its consequences; popular literature and its meaning
March 21st Do you trust me? New light on the early modern Economy?
End of term Lots of time in the holidays to read and do some revision!
April 25th Riot and rebellion in England: 1603-40
May 2nd Crime and the courts: violence, theft, regulation and punishment.
May 9th The emergence, and failure of political, religious and social radicalism: a world turned upside down?
May 16th IT workshop: Revision opportunities


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