British Social History 1603-1660: Reading list for Semester 2, 2000

Reading list

This is a (far from exhaustive) list of the main works on this period.

The thematic bibliography attempts to provide a rough guide to the subject areas covered by each book. It is rather long, but then at least you cannot say that 'I couldn't get any books'... Since there are a large number of references for each topic, works of particular importance are in bold italic. Vital works are also underlined.

The following books are recommended as basic textbooks for this part of the course.: The textbooks are not always included in the thematic bibliography but should always be consulted. Also get used to consulting documents, where possible.

This is an exhausting (but far from exhaustive) list of the main works on this period. Although a selection of  articles are included: those wishing to find out the literally hundreds more should browse, first, in recent volumes of the following journals: The Historical Journal; Past and Present: Journal of British Studies; English Historical Review; Historical Research, Economic History Review, Social History, Continuity and Change.  Other books or articles will be recommended in lectures. You should remember, too, that many journals (including Historical Journal and Continuity and Change) are now also provided by the Robinson library in electronic form, enabling you to read onscreen or print out articles published recently, and in some cases since the journal's beginnings.

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You are also advised to browse in the appropriate sections of the Robinson Library. I have put in some Shelf marks to make this a simple task. Also remember that the History department has a small but useful seminar library.

Textbooks or recommended as good introductions..

Wrightson, K. (1982 ). English Society, 1580-1680. BUY.

Clay, C. (1984 ). Economic Expansion and social change: England 1500-1700 .

Coward, B. (1988 ). Social change and Continuity in Early Modern England 1550-1750 .

Mendelson, S. H. and Crawford, P. (1997), Women in early modern England.

Sharpe, J. (1987 ). Early Modern England: A Social History, 1550-1750.

Slack, P. (1988 ). Poverty and policy in Tudor and Stuart England .

Wrightson, K. (2000), Earthly necessities. Economic lives in early modern Britain


Reading list

Acheson, R. J. (1990 ). Radical Puritans in England 1550-1660 .

Adair, R., (1996), Courtship, illegitimacy and marriage in early modern England ROBINSON GEN SHORT 301.410942 ADA

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