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Final Year Projects

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Final Report

Assessment objectives

The objective is to assess the studentís ability to make concise and strictly meaningful reports of their work in a style and scale appropriate to company internal reports or professional engineering publications. The Report will be expected to show evidence of analysis and reflection, rather than simply reportage. The student will be expected to demonstrate engineering judgement in selecting and arranging the content and in drawing relevant conclusions from the raw material in the Logbook. The content of the report will be expected to be directly relevant to the Project objectives and conclusions.


Submission and examination procedure

The bound Final Report must be submitted together with the Project Logbook (and the Poster for MEng) to the School Office not later than the end of the 1st Week of Term 3 (after the Easter Vacation).

The Final Report will be assessed independently by the Supervisor and a 2nd Examiner who contribute equally to the overall mark for this element. In the event that:

then the student may be required to attend an additional Viva Voce Interview before marks are given. Assessment will be of the Report alone, but any information or conclusions in the Report (equations, results, calculated values, reports of previous work, etc) must be traceable from the Logbook which must therefore be submitted at the same time for verification of this.

In addition, each year a randomised sample of students will be asked to attend a compulsory Viva Interview with either a Panel of Moderators or the External Examiners where they will be asked questions about their Report and Logbook. This will not normally form part of their individual assessment, but the Board of Examiners may be advised to adjust Project marks in the light of these investigations.


Report requirements

Students should note that the Report format now differs considerably from the "mini-PhD" dissertations of the past. This change is intended to focus greater attention on the skill of presentation and on the studentís judgement in selecting what is appropriate for inclusion. It is intended to reflect more closely the needs of professional engineering or business careers. It is intended to encourage students to review their work and its implications critically, rather than wasting time on "padding" and routine description, and is likely to provide Examiners with better discrimination of quality.

The requirements for the Final Report are that:


Declaration and Acknowledgements required with Report

Immediately following the Report title page the student must include in full and sign the following Declaration:

This Report is submitted as part of the requirements for the Degree of [Title of Degree] at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne [or other University for Exchange Students] and has not been submitted for any other degree at this or any other University. It is solely the work of [Studentís Full Name] except where acknowledged in the text or the Acknowledgements below. It describes work carried out at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne which is entirely recorded in a Project Logbook which has been made available for examination. I am aware of the penalties for plagiarism, fabrication and unacknowledged syndication and declare that this Report is free of these.
[signed and dated by Student]

All assistance, information, etc received from other people (eg industrial mentors, Supervisor or other academic staff, research or support staff, other students, etc) during the Project must be listed in Acknowledgements immediately following this Declaration.