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Final Year Projects

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Poster (MEng only)

Assessment objectives

The Poster is intended to assess the MEng student’s engineering judgement and ability to critically review their own work by forcing the student to select and highlight only the key features of their Project or some part of it (eg the final design for a design project, etc). It also assesses their ability to:

It is not a test of artistic ability – graphical content should display the student’s skill at using appropriate engineering, mathematical and business graphical techniques (eg schematic diagrams, flowcharts, statistical charts, relational diagrams, etc). However, a good poster is pleasing to the eye and helps the reader to the absorb the information contained by means of thoughtful design.

Submission and examination procedure

The Poster must be submitted as both:

It will be assessed jointly by the Project Supervisor and 2nd Examiner who return a single agreed mark.

Poster requirements

The Poster should not be just a version of the Final Report. It is a fundamental mistake to try to cram too much onto it (it must be easily readable from a distance of at least 1.5m as an A2 poster). It is also a mistake to waste time on fussy or ‘arty’ features which often serve only to distract attention from the core technical message that needs to be conveyed. The style should be technical rather than commercial or ‘popular’ and it should convey a technical, scientific or business impression. The scenario should be a poster presentation at an engineering/scientific conference or industry forum.

Selected Posters will be displayed by the School, to showcase the work that our students do and also to help penultimate Stage students when they have to choose Projects for themselves by providing information on the range of opportunities available and what sorts of things will be required of them.