Booking page

Please be aware: our booking systems are currently undergoing several iterations of updates and changes. Please check back frequently for the latest information on how to book resources.

(Latest update: 2023 November 20)

Ask the Lab Manager for support

You can book a meeting with the Lab Manager to request support in the following areas:

  • Experiment design (methods, paradigms, data analysis plans)
  • Data analysis (data analysis plans, statistics, R support)
  • Research brainstorming (research question development, hypothesis development, “sounding board”)
  • Troubleshooting (any stage of research study)
  • Training (statistics, dataviz, R, lab equipment)

Book a room

IMPORTANT: Before booking a room, you must complete induction for that space. Please contact the Lab Manager to arrange an induction meeting.

Living Room Lab (KGVI B.01 and B.01A)
– Comfortable couches and chairs
– Child-size table and chairs
– Cameras for recording interactions, gestures, and movement
– Cameras, speakers and viewing station for head-turn/gaze studies

Collaboration Suite (KGVI B.02)

Phonetics Lab (KGVI B.03)
– Sound attenuated booths for single and multiple occupancy
– Low-latency mechanical keyboards
– Headphones for perception studies
– Microphones (of varying qualities)
– Ultrasound Tongue Imaging
– Electroglottograph
– Audiometers (not clinically calibrated)

Eye-tracking Lab (KGVI 2.12)
– EyeLink Portable Duo eye-tracker
– SR Research ExperimentBuilder software
– SR Research DataViewer software