LingLab Documentation and Lab Notebook

For Newcastle students and staff: this should be your first stop for any questions about equipment, resources, and procedures:

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Linguistics and Language Sciences resources

Digital and remote resources

On-site resources

  • Linger(3) — software for computer-based reading and listening experiments:
    • This software is adapted from the original Linger software, now out-of-date for use on Macs and some PCs (
    • It is available for download and use on any personal computers as well as in the KGVI Media Lab (1.43).
    • Any questions, comments, or for training, contact
  • Book laboratory space in KGVI: contact the Lab Manager for how to book these spaces
    • KGVI 2.12 (Eye-tracking Lab): contains Tobii X120 eye-tracker, three PCs with keyboards and headphones.
    • KGVI B.03 (Phonetics Lab): contains sound-attenuated booths, ultrasound (UTI), electroglottograph (EGG), electropalatograph and airflow equipment.
    • KGVI B.01 (Living Room Lab): contains accessible and comfortable space to conduct linguistics research on clinical populations.
  • Book ECLS research equipment
  • For queries regarding eye-tracking equipment available on campus, contact

University-wide resources

External resources