FlexNARA Research Projects

Recent Grants


(1) EPSRC [EP/W015102/1 | 2022-2025]

‘CableDyn: Subsea Power Cable Dynamics Under Complex Ocean Environment’ Team: V Venugopal (Lead PI); L Johanning & N Srinil (Co-PI); A Borthwick, P Thies & J Chaplin (Co-I). University Partners: Edinburgh, Newcastle, Exeter & Southampton.

(2) EPSRC [EP/T517914/1 | Project no.2595608 | 2021-2025]

Renewable Energy from Natural Flow PhenomenaTeam: Y Aye (PhD student) & N Srinil (Supervisor).

(3) EPSRC [EP/P033148/1; EP/P033180/1; EP/P033105/1 | 2018-2022]

MUltiphase Flow-induced Fluid-flexible structure InteractioN in Subsea applications (MUFFINS)’ Team: N Srinil (Lead PI); O Matar & G Falcone (Co-PI); C Pain, D Swailes & A Cammanaro (Co-I). University Partners: Newcastle, Imperial College & Glasgow. 

(4) Royal Society & NSFC [IEC/NSFC/181370 | 2019-2022]

High-Fidelity Modelling & Experiment of Combined Internal/External Flow-Induced Vibrations of Complex Structural GeometriesTeam: N Srinil & Y Bao (Shanghai Jiao Tong University).

Past Projects

  • PI: ‘Advanced Analysis & Design Tools for Vortex-Induced Vibration of Offshore Structures’, partnered with National University of Singapore & University of Sao Paulo, funded by the Scottish Funding Council.
  • PI: ‘On-Bottom Stability Analysis of Subsea Cables for Offshore Wind Applications’, funded by SSE, SPR & Technip.
  • PI: ‘Analysis Tool for Offshore Jackets Supporting Wind Turbines in Deep Waters’, funded by SSE, SPR & Technip.
  • PI: ‘Connecting Jackets with Piles for Offshore Wind Turbines’, funded by SSE, SPR & Technip.
  • PI: ‘Subsea Cables & Vortex-Induced Vibration’, funded by Scottish Power Renewable (SPR).
  • PI: ‘SuSy – Surfacing System for Ship Recovery’, funded by EU-FP7:Transport.
  • Co-I: ‘Performance of Vortex-Induced Vibration Suppression Strakes’, funded by Balmoral Offshore Ltd.