Postdoc* & PhD Researchers

  • CableDyn: Modelling of VIV in complex turbulent flow [R Badhurshah]*
  • CSC: Multiphase FIV & VIV of flexible curved/S-shaped riser [Y Guo]*
  • Renewable energy from galloping-VIV & natural flow phenomena [Y. Aye]
  • Subsea structural integrity with multiphase FIV [I Tamunodienye]

Former PhD Researchers, Postdocs* & Interns^

  • Modelling & analysis of VIV of rigid & flexible structures [H Zanganeh]
  • MUFFINS: Modelling of transient slug flow-induced vibrations [J Padrino]*
  • MUFFINS: Modelling of phenomenological slug liquid-gas flows [V Kurushina]*
  • Slug flow-induced vibration & VIV of subsea catenary risers [B Ma]
  • Dynamics of rigid/flexible cylinders under VIV in oscillatory flows [P-A Opinel]
  • Modelling of combined VIV & Wake-IV of multiple cylinders [B Soares]
  • Analysis of offshore floating wind turbines with mooring optimisation [X Xu]
  • Innovative deep-water foundations for offshore wind turbines [A Hemmati]
  • IIV modelling & analysis for arctic offshore cylindrical structures [X Ji]
  • Quantifying uncertainties in phenomenological VIV models [F Tagliaferri]*
  • Analysis tool for offshore jackets supporting wind turbines [S Zhong]*
  • On-bottom stability analysis of wind farm subsea power cables [N Dat]*
  • MUFFINS: Instability analysis of catenary pipes transporting flows [K Bakis]*
  • VIV & wake-induced vibration of two tandem circular cylinders [S Safrendyo]^
  • Dynamic response of subsea jumpers transporting multiphase flows [J Kim]^

Past MSc Research Theses


  • Wake dynamics of 3-D curved cylinder in oblique flows [S. Lee]
  • 3-D CFD of slug flow in asymmetric jumper [K. Lim]
  • Slug FIV in deepwater lazy-wave riser [M. Othman]
  • Slug FIV in multi-span pipelines [F. Findasari]
  • Pipe-in-pipe model for subsea flow assurance [A. Ibrahim]
  • Vibration analysis of an oil tanker [Y. Gao]


  • 3-D CFD of gas-liquid severe slugging in lazy wave riser [Y. Moon]
  • CFD of oil-water flows in horizontal & vertical pipelines [K. Kwon]


  • Non-uniform slug flow & VIV effects on catenary risers [S. Safrendyo]
  • CFD analysis of subsea valve actuator hydraulic flows [N. Tait]
  • 3-D CFD of subsea jumper transporting multiphase flows [J. Kim]
  • Severe slugging of deepwater M-shaped rigid jumpers [K. Smart]
  • VIV of drilling riser subject to space-time varying currents [R. Toledo]
  • Mitigation technique of severe slugging in riser-pipeline [K. Kim]
  • Deep sea mining with novel S-shaped riser [A. Indhama]


  • Severe slugging in a pipeline-riser system [C. Kwan]
  • XXL monopiles for offshore wind farm turbines [D. Akpan]
  • Analysis of jetting functions on subsea ploughs [D. Potter]
  • Passive VIV control for multiple-span pipelines [A. Karunakaran]
  • VIV experiments of a curved cylinder pipe in multi orientations to flows [A. Zapris]
  • Optimum design of sea-water uptake reel during deployment/recovery [R. Wade]
  • Internal-flow pulsation & vibration of free-spanning subsea pipelines [S. Mathew]
  • CFD-based risk assessment of piping vibration due to multiphase flow [C. Jung]
  • Partially-filled rectangular & trapezoidal LNG tanks to alleviate sloshing [H. Jeong]
  • Modelling and analysis of fatigue failure in flexible risers [R. Torres]
  • Slug flow-induced vibration of flexible risers and pipelines [G. Nikas]
  • CFD-based VIV analysis of two parallel cylinders with 2DOF [S. Zaidi]


  • Multiphase internal flow-induced vibration of subsea jumpers [S. Laprabang]
  • Current-induced vibrations of multi free-spanning pipelines [L. Ramadhan]
  • Dynamic performance of LWSCR, OSCR, TSCR vs SCR [A. Venetsanos]
  • Arctic rigid riser-mooring systems under ice impact [A. Varghese]
  • Enhanced oil recovery using CO2 injection risers [S. Okpokparoro]
  • Dynamics of risers & pipelines with damage and leakage [Y. Xu]
  • Analysis of HPHT pipe-in-pipe structures [S. Phromnomai]
  • Fatigue damage analysis due to pipeline-soil-fluid interactions [S. Arogundade]
  • Analysis & design of offshore systems using Orcaflex vs Flexcom [A. Oliyide]
  • Towing tank experiment on VIV of a J-lay pipe [L. Zhang]
  • Fatigue analysis of deepwater riser VIV [E. Normann]


  • Pipeline walking and mitigation approach [M. Birdas]
  • On-bottom stability of inter-array subsea cables [A. Richard]
  • Optimized 3-leg jacket for offshore wind turbines [N. S. Conde]
  • Deepwater gravity base for offshore wind turbines [R. Kuruniyan]
  • CFD study on flow past piggyback cylinders [K. Pratumwun]
  • Parametrically-excited deepwater drilling riser [F. Poretti]
  • Novel deepwater mooring systems with buoys [O. Akinyode]
  • Interference analysis of TLP/SPAR risers in array [A Etim]
  • Ice-structure interaction using FEM [A. Steinert]


  • Springing of FPSOs due to waves [M. Arriaga]
  • Modelling iced-induced structural vibration [B. Lhabitant]
  • Mooring of offshore floating wind turbines [R. Quail]
  • Modelling VIV of circular cylinder near seabed [A. Kusnadi]
  • Experimental study on 2-DOF VIV of inclined cylinder [C. Sevak]
  • VIV of arbitrarily inclined free-spanning pipelines [P. Sirilatthaporn]
  • Sensitivity analysis of a conceptual design for subsea deployment [A. Matheson]
  • Fluid mechanics of forced figure-eight trajectories of circular cylinders [J. Chen]


  • Impact of combined VIV & wave interaction on offshore structures [Y. Aye]
  • Interactions of seabed and SCRs with trench profile effects [E. Seim]
  • Numerical time-domain analysis of ice-SPAR platform interaction [J. Uche]
  • Clashing analysis of hybrid riser systems due to wake interference [M. Aursand]
  • A novel hybrid riser-tether system for deepwater applications [B. Umobi]
  • Clashing modelling of in-tandem structures undergoing VIV [M. Armin]


  • Impact analysis of the liquid sloshing within the FPSO tanks using CFD [J. Lee]
  • Dynamic analysis of coupled mooring lines & floating wave energy devices [M. Ramli]
  • Time-domain analysis of seabed-riser interactions in deepwater applications [B. Peroz]
  • CFD with visualization of vortex modes behind forced cylinders [P. Reagan]
  • Accurate deformation of flexible structures using strain gauges vs. optical camera [A. Ikeaguzi]
  • Oil & gas exploration and production in the Bay of Bengal [N.K. Chandru]


  • Analysis of ice-structure interaction using a simplified modeling and approach [S. Maley]
  • Feasibility of composite risers in offshore deepwater applications [O. Ugbehe]
  • Riser VIV analysis using a time-domain approach [N. O. Amaraibi]
  • CFD studies on flows past stationary/harmonically-forced transverse oscillating cylinders [Il Y. Lee]