Who We Are

The Yue lab is part of the Newcastle Structural Biology Laboratory of the Newcastle University Biosciences Institute, and allies with the Newcastle Centre for Rare Diseases

Our Missions

We explore how genetic defects lead to metabolic diseases, using biochemistry, structural biology and chemical biology.

We launch target enablement, hit discovery and hit-to-lead programmes for inhibitors and stabilisers of metabolic enzymes.

We envision the development of small molecule therapeutics through working with clinicians, industry and patient groups.

Our Funders

Our Science

More about our approaches in structural biology and drug discovery

The Team

We are a team of postdoc and graduate researchers

Latest Papers

Links to our latest publications and preprints

Our News

PhD applications welcomed

Want to research at the interface of structural biology and genetic diseases? Interested in studying the cell’s waste recycling system (autophagy)? Looking for a PhD project combining crystallography, cryo-EM, interactome and cell biology techniques? Fully-funded 4-year PhD opportunity available in the Yue Lab and Rob Taylor’s group at Newcastle University, through the Dimen_DTP programme. Open …