Our People

Current members

Douglas Ferreira
DPhil candidate

Sabrina Mackinnon
Research associate (profile)
DPhil (Oxon), BSc (Robert Gordon)

I aim to advance new treatment of rare metabolic disorders through the discovery of novel binding sites on disease-associated enzymes. I specialise in fragment screening by X-ray crystallography, paired with enzyme activity and binding assays.

Thomas McCorvie
Senior research associate (twitter)
PhD, BSc (QUB)

I use structural and biochemical techniques to answer fundamental questions of metabolic enzyme functions, with a special focus on revealing the hidden world of shape shifting enzymes using cryo EM.

Wyatt Yue
Wyatt Yue
Group Leader (profile, twitter) 
PhD (Lond), MBiochem (Oxon)  

Wyatt specialises in the use of structural, biochemical and chemical biology approaches to study human metabolic enzymes and associated rare diseases. He is currently Professor of Structural Biology at the Newcastle University Biosciences Institute.

Group Photos

Yue lab’s alumni

Jesse Coker (DPhil 2017-2021), Postdoc at Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic

Henry Bailey (DPhil 2016-2020), Postdoc at Goethe University Frankfurt, Ivan Dikic’s group

Gustavo Bezerra (Senior scientist 2017-2020), Senior scientist at CMD Oxford

William Foster (Research Technician 2018-2020), PhD candidate at Sussex University

Jack Kelly (DPhil 2016-2020), Scientist at Sai Life Sciences

Catherine Tham (Research assistant 2019-2020), Senior Scientist at Evotec

Nicolas Fox (Postdoc 2015-2019), Senior Scientist at Merck Inc

Minghao Zhang (Research technician 2017-2019), Research Assistant at Target Discovery Institute, Oxford

Hannah Brazier (DPhil 2013-2017), Medical Writer at Succinct Comms

Elzbieta Rembeza (Research technician 2015-2017), PhD student in Chalmers University of Technology

Jola Kopec (Postdoc 2013-2017), Senior Scientist at Evotec

Stephanie Oerum (DPhil 2012-2016), Postdoc at Université Paris Diderot

Igor Ferreira (Visiting scientist 2012-2013, Postdoc 2015-2016)

Dipali Patel (SGC postdoc 2013-2015), Scientist at Relay Therapeutics

Fiona Fitzpatrick (Research technician 2013-2015), PhD student at University of Cambridge

Izabella Pena (Visiting scientist 2013-2014), Postdoc at MIT

Sean Froese (Postdoc 2010-2013), Assistant Professor at Kinderspital Zurich

Wasim Kiyani (Research technician 2011-2013), PhD student at Glasgow University

Naeem Shafqat (Postdoc 2009-2011), Senior Assistant Professor, University Brunei Darussalam

Ewelina Kryztofinska (Research technician 2009-2011), Scientist at Astex Therapeutics