Upcoming Academic Year (2023-2024)
Semester 1: General Relativity for Stage 4 Mathematics & Physics students

Past Academic Years (2020-2023)
Semester 1: General Relativity for Stage 4 Mathematics & Physics students [remotely & in person]
Semester 2: Dynamics for Stage 1 Mathematics & Physics students [remotely & in person]

Cosmology Guest & Summer School Lectures
July 2022 Durham YETI Summer School Phenomenology in the sky: Theoretical & Computational Cosmology
September 2021 STFC Astronomy Summer School for 1st year PhD students: Standard Cosmology & its Extensions
May 2020 Golden Cosmological Surveys Decade Workshop: Higher-order Statistics (postponed)
July 2019 Sutton Trust Summer School: Mathematics for the Universe on the largest scales
July 2018 MPA Summer School on Large-Scale Structure: Redshift-space distortions
July 2018 University of Cambridge Mathematics Open Day: The Skeleton of our Universe
Oct 2016 Radboud University Nijmegen: Cosmology from the CMB to the Cosmic Web
March 2016 Utrecht University: Dark Matter – Evidence, Properties, Candidates, Detection

Organising Teaching Programmes

2014-2015: Organizer of International Winter School on Gravity and Light           
International Physics School in celebration of the Year of Light 2015 
funded by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation
Lecturer: F. P. Schuller, D. Giulini, M. Werner, V. Pettorino & B. F. Schutz 
Johannes Kepler University, Linz (Austria), February 1-28, 2015
You can find many of the lectures and some exercises on our YouTube channel


Group Project for 2nd year math students
2019/2020 Semester 2: MAS2603 – Group Project Module for Mathematics students, topics: Fractals & Tensors

Supervising summer projects and research internships
Zahra Baghkhani, Sharif University Iran (summer 2021)
Antoine Beauchene, Université Paris Saclay (summer 2020), now PhD at École Polytechnique
Gabriele Di Ubaldo, Ecole Normale Superieure (summer 2019), now PhD at CEA Saclay
Jan Kozuszek, University of Cambridge (summer 2019), now PhD at Imperial College
Kerwann Tep, Université Paris Saclay (spring 2019), now PhD at IAP Paris

Work with PhD students 

current PhD students:
Carolyn Mill (Newcastle University, started Sept 2023) as part of the NUdata Centre for Doctoral Training
Beth Gould (Newcastle University, started Sept 2022)
Alex Gough (Newcastle University, started Sept 2020)

previous PhD students:
Oliver Leicht (supervised by Paul Shellard at University of Cambridge, finished 2020, now data scientist at QuantCo)
Alexandre Barthelemy (supervised by Sandrine Codis at IAP Paris, finished 2021, now Schwarzschild Fellow at LMU Munich)

Supervision of Master Thesis Projects
Michael Armstrong (MMath project at Newcastle University, 2022-2023, now PhD student at Northumbria University)
Ghazal Ramzan Ali (MMath project at Newcastle University, 2021-2022)
Laurent Beauregard (within the Master course ‘Theoretical & Mathematical Physics’ at LMU & TU Munich, finished 2015, went on to obtain PhD in space system design, now working at European Space Agency)


2017-2019 Undergraduate Courses in Cambridge Mathematical Tripos
topics: Vector Calculus (first year), Cosmology (third year)
small group teaching on problem sets, example classes, revisions for exam preparation

2012 – 2015: Teaching Coordinator for Theoretical Physics Lectures
topics: Electrodynamics, Classical Field Theory, Quantum Mechanics
-developing exercises and examinations
-grading of written exams and assessor for oral exams