And this is my last for now - and when I appeared in it (as Wilfred Shadbolt) it was the only G&S that I had never performed in!

This one brought my love of G&S and Lego together for no very good reason other than I thought it would be eye catching and fun. By buying a couple of figures and accessories, plus borrowing a piece or two from my neice, I managed to get a reasonable match for the main characters. Sadly, Lego don't seem to have done a Beefeater, so I had to construct a generic soldier, although I did print out a Tudor rose to stick on his breast plate.

I took dozens of pictures before I found the right one which, I think, summarised the main plot elements of the opera in one image. My one regret was that the Elsie figure (next to the jester) was a key ring and didn't have removable hair, so I couldn't swap it with Phoebe, as the actresses playing the parts had precisely the opposite hair colours!

The Lego writing took ages to get right. I found the font easy enough, but getting the classic yellow outlining took me a long time to work out. Still, all worth it in the end, and I was very happy to take my leave of poster making with this one.