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World Class Labs success (and more): New resources

We can now announce all of our new resources, digital and physical! Please remember to check the LingLab Documentation Site for details, as it is up-to-date and contains all the available information, including tutorials and instructions.

The following resources are new and do not replace the resources we have previously had access to. There are still estates processes on-going, and since the Lab is not yet open in-person, the lab-based resources are something to look forward to in the (hopefully not-too-distant) future.

General research

  • SONA Systems recruitment and booking system
  • LabVanced lab license (for internet-based experiments)
  • Gorilla (experiment tokens for internet-based research)
  • Shinyapps (for hosting Shiny apps online)
  • 7 × iPad Air and peripherals (cases, anti-theft stands)
    • engaging interactive experiments (e.g. children)
    • public outreach
  • 3 × Mac Mini (for experiment design and analysis)
  • Azure server access (through Newcastle University)
    • hosting bespoke online experiments
    • secure storage of data from online experiments

Articulatory research

  • Portable Ultrasound Machine (Articulate Instruments)
  • Portable Electroglottograph (VoceVista)
  • VoceVista Pro software
  • Wacom Intuos Pro tablet (for drawing splines)
  • Laptop and peripherals (for articulation field research)
  • External hard drives (for storing large files)

Phonetic research

  • 1 × Large sound-proof booth (3m × 3m)*
    • Ultrasound Tongue Imaging
    • Group/conversation AV recording
    • Fully accessible (with ramp, adequate doorway clearance)
    • Very high quality phonetic recording
  • 2 × Small sound-treated isolation booths (1.5m × 1.2m)*
    • Individual speech recording
    • Perceptual experiments
    • High quality phonetic recording
    • Inter-linked dyadic experiments (recorded or not)
  • 2 × Røde Lavalier microphones (for interview recording)
  • 1 × Shure large condenser microphone (for high-quality phonetic recording)
  • 10 × ADX Firecast microphones (for remote recording, fieldwork, etc)
  • Shared Zencastr account (for simultaneous remote recording)

Psycholinguistic research

  • SR Research EyeLink Portable Duo eye-tracker
    • Child and adult visual world paradigm
    • Child and adult reading paradigms
    • Portable for in-school field work
    • Button box for recording reaction time
    • Laptop and peripherals for presentation
  • Millikey USB Button Box (for low-latency response recording)
  • Low-latency USB keyboard (for low-latency response recording)

Corpus research

  • Transana
  • ICE-GB Corpus of English
  • ICE-GB Great Britain Sound Files
  • BYU Corpora
    • COCA
    • COHA
    • iWEB
    • MOVIES
    • TV
    • WIKI
  • NCL Filestore location (for remote access to offline corpora)
  • **New!** Data Scholarships | Linguistic Data Consortium (University of Pennsylvania)

Estates resources

  • KGVI B.01, B.02*, B.03*
    • Organisation/distribution TBD
  • 6 × settees
  • 6 × chairs
  • 3 × coffee tables
  • 2 × locking storage cabinets
  • work stations for computers / lab cluster

Please contact the Lab Manager with any queries in the first instance.

* Final acquisition expected Summer 2021 at the earliest, subject to COVID restrictions