Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics (home)


2014-05-28 11.22.17Dan

Group members at work – September 2014

Spectroscopy exploits the emission, absorption and scattering of electromagnetic radiation for the study of molecules and materials. Research in the Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group at Newcastle University primarily applies microwave spectroscopy to the study of molecular structure in metal-containing molecules and the chemistry occurring in plasma. Emission at microwave frequencies (between 3 and 300 GHz) is associated with transitions between rotational energy levels in molecules which, in turn, depend sensitively on details of molecular structure.

Work is currently funded by the European Research Council and has also received support from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Royal Society and AWE(Aldermaston). There are often PhD opportunities available and for undergraduates to work on final year and summer research projects within the group. Please write to Dr. Nick Walker if interested.



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