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MMM211  Materials Science II

Summary of course


Tutorial sheets:-

Recommended textbooks

Examination 1999/2000

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MMM314 High Speed Internal Combustion Engines


Materials for internal combustion engines

Tutorial Sheet

MMM343 Materials and Tribology (with Professor Page)

Notes on Surface Engineering

Recommended Books

Useful resources

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MMM373 Joining Technology

Course syllabus


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MMM452 Manufacturing Technology IV

Course Syllabus


Assessment Methods


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MMM472 Integrated Design 2

Thermal barrier coatings

MMM475 Advanced Materials and Processes

Joining in the Lotus Elise

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Projects 1999/2000

Effect of lubricant additives on fatigue of gear steels

The relationship between surface topography and visual appearance of automotive paint systems

Oxidation life of wires

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