PhD applications welcomed

Want to research at the interface of structural biology and genetic diseases?

Interested in studying the cell’s waste recycling system (autophagy)?

Looking for a PhD project combining crystallography, cryo-EM, interactome and cell biology techniques?

Fully-funded 4-year PhD opportunity available in the Yue Lab and Rob Taylor’s group at Newcastle University, through the Dimen_DTP programme.

Open to UK/EU/international applicants – apply by 14 Jan 2022

Want to join our team?

We are recruiting 3 postdoc positions in structural biology and structure-based drug discovery

Early-to-mid career postdocs very welcome. Deadline 13 December

Research associate in rare disease drug discovery – (job ID: 11461) You will drive a structure-based drug discovery project in an academic setting, funded by LifeArc and Action Medical Research, working closely with medicinal chemists in Oxford and clinical scientists in UCL towards hit-to-lead inhibitor optimisation for a rare epileptic disorder. (Skills: crystallography, SPR, activity assays, CETSA; bit of cryo-EM)

Research associate in structure based design of cyclic peptides – (job ID: 11462) You will run an academic-industrial collaboration with Bicycle Therapeutics, towards structural and biophysical characterisation of bicyclic peptides in complex with novel therapeutic targets in immune-metabolism/oncology. (Skills: different expression approaches, crystallography, SPR; bit of cryo-EM)

Research associate in structure-based AI-assisted hit finding – (job ID: 13927) You will lead an early-stage discovery project funded by a patient foundation, towards small molecule therapy for Friedreich’s ataxia targeting a multi-protein complex. You will work closely with an AI company in hit finding, and run validation studies to guide compound design through machine learning (Skills: ITC, SPR, cryo-EM & x-ray, activity assays).

Yue lab is up and running

Meet Douglas, Thomas, and Sabrina – founding members of the Newcastle Yue lab, who are building CRISPR knock-in, cryo EM, and fragment screening capabilities for our structural biology projects.

New lab, familiar people, same vision

Want to join our adventures in structural biology and drug discovery for rare diseases? We are recruiting!

Research Associate in Structure Based Drug Design ( – deadline Oct 8

Research Associate – Rare Disease Drug Discovery ( – deadline Oct 8

We are recruiting!

The Yue lab at Newcastle is up and running, and will be recruiting 2 postdoc research associates.

Want to work on drug discovery projects that interface with industry, or metabolic clinicians? Apply and join us! (Deadline 8th Oct)

Research Associate in Structure Based Drug Design ( – in collaboration with Bicycle Therapeutics, towards structure guided design of bicyclic peptides

Research Associate – Rare Disease Drug Discovery ( – hit-to-lead development of small molecule inhibitors for a rare epileptic disorder