Welcome to 'IT and the Historian'! This is a one module component of the compulsory Historical Perspectives and Techniques course that all first year History students take. It lasts for one semester and the class will meet each week until the end of that semester.

Each week you will be given some basic instructions, delivered on the World Wide Web via Netscape. These are intended to be read first. Each class is based around a theme, consists of a particular task (or tasks), and, in addition, will sometimes require a piece of handed in assessed work.

This course has no examination and is assessed solely on the handed in assessed work. The course will count 25% towards the final mark for Historical Perspectives and Techniques.

You begin each week by clicking on the appropriate week, eg. Week 1.
This means that you have to know what date corresponds to that week. You can jump to a convenient list here.

The same list is also in the left hand frame. Just click on the appropriate navigation button!

  1. Week 0: Induction week

  2. Week 1: Electronic mail

  3. Week 2: searching the Web

  4. Week 3: constructing your own bibliography using on-line catalogues

  5. Week 4: constructing your own bibliography using BIDS

  6. Week 5: Word 6.0/97, inserting footnotes and tables

  7. Week 6: Drawing graphs in Excel 5.0/97

  8. Week 7: a session to practise and catch up!

  9. Week 8: how to avoid Plagiarism: footnotes and quotations

  10. Week 9: My favourite Professor!

  11. Week 10: How to use online journals

  12. Week 11: How to write web pages

  13. Week 12: Going home tomorrow? Get your IT work finished today!? Alternatively, have a laugh.

Dates that correspond to week numbers:

WeekCalendar date
Week 0Induction week only
Week 130th September 1999
Week 27th October 1999
Week 314th October 1999
Week 421st October 1999
Week 528th October 1999
Week 64th November 1999
Week 711th November 1999
Week 818th November 1999
Week 925th November 1999
Week 102nd December 1999
Week 119th December 1999
Week 1216th December 1999

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